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recovering SOLR

Question asked by tsafarog on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by tsafarog
Hello everyone,

I am using alfresco community version 5 with Solr 1.4.

Some days ago i tried to make a search and found out that i couldnt see the categories and tags that i had created for my documents but it was also impossible to search via tags and categories from advanced search.

To overcome this problem i deleted all Solr cached information and i left it to recreate the index. The result was to get back the tags, all the categories and my advanced search form works just fine.

The only problem that remains is that i cannot use the category and tag filters from the Document list page.

i attach 2 images to make clear which filters i mean. When i click any filter from the sidebar i get a red bar with "no items"

Thank you in advance for your time