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Suggestions About Using Alfresco for Site

Question asked by martini on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by romschn

I want to make an online file sharing website similar to this one:

It has very basic functionality when the files needs to have some basic information and a download link.
I had tried Alfresco demo and I found it that creating a "Site" with the folder structure that I want and uploading the files will be very easy.. even if Alfresco cool features may be underused.

But I have some doubts:

1) Is there a way to make a Guest access to the "Site" without the needs for the users to register? The site that I want to do is public and I don't need people signing on.

2) Are there ways to customize how the site looks, so for guest access so a lot of the "disabled functionality" will not show at all ? I don't needs all the menus for "Home, My Files, Shared Files, Tasks, People, Repository", I just need to direct the user to "/site/-name-/documentlibrary"

3) Is there a way to customize the "Upload" of files, so you can only upload one file and include several information fields about that file? Short Description, Long Description, Created Date, Author, WebSite, etc.

These are some questions that I need to answer to see if Alfresco will fit my needs.