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alfresco5.0 xpath sorting problem

Question asked by dicolar on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by dicolar
hi there,
recently i'm programming with the newest Alfresco5.0.0d community-edition.
since considering of improving the performance of indexing,alfresco will index by a period of 15 secs.
but here comes the problem,after i uploaded/created a document & i search it immediately by Lucene(it calls the Solr in fact),it returns the resultset which does not contain the newest object i created.
so,i have to give up my idea of searching by Lucene and go to trying  XPATH.
but now again the problem comes,where is the JCR-XPATH??
this is my query string:

/app:company_home//*[subtypeOf('cm:content')] order by @cm:name

when i concat a string of 'order by @cm:name', it throws a sweet exception to me saying it cannot recognize the orderby… segment.
and i didn't see the JCR-XPATH field in SearchService anymore.i also searched in the source code with keyword of 'jcr',but no useful result came out.

so how can i sort the resultset of xpath-searching? or do u have any idea of IMMEDIATE-SEARCHING?