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Search cm:content on aspect property

Question asked by ebogaard on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by ebogaard
By creating a custom aspect with a property and extending the AdvancedSearch-form, I was expecting to be able to search on the data in this property. But I don't get any results.

What I can do:
1. Add the aspect to a cm:content node
2. Fill in the appropriate data (property type = d:date)
3. See in the Share interface that it's saved.
4. Be able to find content when using 'ASPECT:"abc:defMetaData"' as a search command.
5. Add the field as a facetable option with search manager
6. See the facet populated with filled in dates (when I search on some other field that the custom property)

What doesn't work:
7. Searching a date range in which the document should be found. No results are found.
8. Actually use the facets to filter the results. After I click an option: no results are found.

My Questions:
A. After doing some research, it seems that 'by default' Advanced Search doesn't include properties from aspects. Is that correct?
B. Is it possible to make Advanced Search search on aspects, when those are related to cm:content? If so, how?

If you need the model and share-config-custom.xml to be able to answer, let me know.
I hope someone can, at least, make clear if it's possible to use properties from custom aspects in advanced search, or if it's necessary to create a custom content type with the propertie(s). (I already made sure that I can actually search on all properties of a custom content type, so if that's the only way to go, be it so).

This is with Alfresco 5.0c