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Complete a Task based in a condition

Question asked by jlabuelo on Dec 1, 2015
Hi all

I am creating a quick workflow in Alfresco Explorer 4.2 and got into a situation I have a question as I dont know how to solve it.

When I am assigning a task to an user in the workflow, a normal ActivitiReviewTask he can Approve or Reject, I only want to allow him to approve the task for example if one of the properties of the document, lets say document.numDoc >10.

If the condition is ok, the workflow should let the use approve the task and continue the workflow, but if not, the task should not be completed and remain assigned to this user.

Can this be possible?, How can we get this?

I have tried to create a workflow variable wfstay=true, if the condition matches, and a flow that will reasign the same task to the user. But this is creating a new task, but not completing the old one.

Any other workaround you might consider?

Thanks a lot in advance.