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Custom versioning

Question asked by deadbird on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by deadbird
Hi everyone.

In my organization, we are condisering the deployement of an instance of Alfresco in order to manage all of our documents, mainly Office docx, xlsx and so on.

One deal-breaking drawback is the versioning aspect of alfresco. Here, we want to achieve this kind of versioning:

- draft: v0.1
- second draft: v0.2
- third draft: v0.3
- fourth draft: v0.4
- another draft: v0.5
- final draft: v0.6
- first version to be distributed: v1.0
- minor changes to first version: v1.1
- major changes to first version: v2.0

And so on.

So, what we need in comparison to actual version aspect:
- ability to start versioning at 0.1
- (optional) possibility to input any version manually.

Is there a way to achieve such versioning? Through an addon maybe?

thanks a lot for your help ;)