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Geoscience Data Systems Developer, Geological Survey of NSW, Australia

Question asked by tybion on Dec 6, 2015
Opportunity for dynamic individual to join the Geological Survey of NSW in an innovative development role.

<strong>About The Role</strong><br />
In this role you will be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the GSNSW online information systems, including spatial and aspatial databases and document management systems residing in the AWS cloud. You will improve accessibility of information through the use of integrate QA/QC processes, interoperability standards/protocols and leading edge technologies to support the provision of geological data to the mining/exploration industry, government and community.
Key accountabilities include:
Provide technical support for existing business critical information systems of Geological Survey (primarily DIGS/EROL) including maintaining and enhancing system functionality.
Monitor and evaluate systems and information content, identifying potential problems or errors, initiating follow-up or corrective action, maintaining backup systems and the disaster recovery.
Collaborate with the project manager and Business & Technology Services to deliver major enhancements or upgrades to sustain system integrity for geo-located data systems, addressing potential risks and security issues.

<strong>The Requirements</strong><br />
Reporting to Team Leader Geoscience Knowledge Management, you will have demonstrated knowledge and experience in web programing languages (eg php, javascript), knowledge of modern javascript libraries and ability to learn new languages and skills as required.
To be successful you will also have:
Linux administration skills (eg Ubuntu).
Experience with open source software.
Demonstrated knowledge in document management systems and search and retrieval technologies. (eg Alfresco, SOLR).
Demonstrated knowledge of Java development environments.

<strong>Full details and information about applying for the job</strong><br />