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Search site via REST API

Question asked by jamalissimo on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by niketapatel

I would like to have name-based sites in Alfresco. Site names should be like MySite,MySite-One,MySite-Two,MySite-Three etc.. I want to use REST API where I can search for such sites. Example use case: I want to get a site whose name is MySite or MySite-*.

Is there any REST API interface in Alfresco I can use for that?

There is only one I found(and it uses OpenSearch):

Alfresco keyword search (OpenSearch enabled)
GET /alfresco/s/api/search/keyword.html?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}
GET /alfresco/s/search/keyword.html?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}
GET /alfresco/s/api/search/keyword.atom?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}
GET /alfresco/s/search/keyword.atom?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}
GET /alfresco/s/api/search/keyword.rss?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}
GET /alfresco/s/search/keyword.rss?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}
GET /alfresco/s/api/search/keyword.portlet?q={searchTerms}&p={startPage?}&c={count?}&l={language?}

Thanks to poor Alfresco documentation I did not find any website or forum with example of searchTerm or complete request. It also does not return JSON which is another disadvantage.

Can someone help me?