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Petabyte data

Question asked by paulanon on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by paulanon
Hello there.  Fairly new to ECMS.  And I can't seem to search the forum…   I hope I'm posting to the right location.

I'm interested in managing document and mostly non-document content.  Specifically scientific data that can be 1GB to 15GB each.  And there can be many generated per day.  Also looking at ways run analysis and uploading the result as an associated content to the original data.  This would be done manually at first, but interested in automating this well and providing custom views to these data (reports).

My first question is if Alfresco can be configured to handle massive amounts of data.  I tried the community download and it doesn't appear to have file size limit.  But wondering about disk limits.

Thanks in advance.