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GetObject Timeout?

Question asked by bswartz-dorman on Dec 18, 2015

I'm building my first .NetCMIS app, and running into a weird issue.   The object is to read the folder tree and retrieve specific files.    However, in some cases the GetObject fails.   I originally thought it was with a specific document type, but I've narrowed my select to just PDF files and some of those fail also.

.NetCMIS shows a timeout.     

However, the file that succeeds and the file that fails are about the same size. (about 100kb)

                IObjectId id = session.CreateObjectId(docID);
                var doc = session.GetObject(id) as IDocument;   <<<<<<< Line where the GetObject Fails

                // properties

                IProperty myProperty = doc["my:property"];
                if (myProperty != null)
                    Console.WriteLine("Id:    " + myProperty.Id);
                    Console.WriteLine("Value: " + myProperty.Value);
                    Console.WriteLine("Type:  " + myProperty.PropertyType);