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Add more information in the daily notification email

Question asked by tsafarog on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by tsafarog
Hello guys,

Need some help

This is the summary email notification if i am not mistaken and the section where it tells you WHICH USER added a DOCUMENT FILE NAME in SITE

<#if activities?exists && activities?size &gt; 0>
                                             <#list activities as activity>
                                                <#if activity.siteNetwork??>
                                                <#assign userLink="<a href=\"${shareUrl}/page/user/${activity.postUserId?html}/profile\">${activity.activitySummary.firstName!\"\"} ${activity.activitySummary.lastName!\"\"}</a>">
                                                <#assign secondUserLink="">
                                                <#assign itemLink="<a href=\"${shareUrl}/page/site/${activity.siteNetwork?html}/${!\"\"}\">${activity.activitySummary.title!\"\"}</a>">
                                                <#assign siteLink="<a href=\"${shareUrl}/page/site/${activity.siteNetwork?html}/dashboard\">${siteTitles[activity.siteNetwork]!activity.siteNetwork?html}</a>">

Is there a way to also ADD the <b>DOCUMENT TITLE</b>?

Thank you in advance