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Moving alf_data

Question asked by mpricecel on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by mpricecel
Hey Guys,

Completely new to Linux and Alfresco so bear with me. Clean install of 5.0.d on Centos 7. I want to move alf_data to a second mounted drive (sdb1). If I try to do it at the point of install I can't see or point to it from the dropdown (all I see is /). I know I'm doing something wrong here. The path of the new alf_data folder on the second drive is ls /mnt/sdb1/alfresco/alf_data. I have stopped the service using ./ stop., I have changed dir.root to match same, moved all alf_data to the new loc but when I restart the service it creates a new alf_data folder in the original loc. I've scoured the forums and checked folder permissions etc, edited SOLR4 xmls just in case but I'm obviously doing something wrong.

I actually changed the location to another folder on the same drive initially just to see if I could get it working but even then it just generated a new alf_data.

Any help would be appreciated !!!!