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Does Alfresco fit for material test workflow?

Question asked by premtemp on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by mrogers
Hi, I want to know if Alfresco would fit for the below workflow that involves data capture at each step. e.g

material-testing  -> capture test data in each step -> create report.


Sample ID: 0001
Sample amount : 200grams
Type: Soil from site.
Tests To carry: TestA, TestB Testc


# execution
#### Testing
{Step 1: TestA done by role Scientist
Carryout TestA01 (take 10 grams of 0001)
OrderProp1 (eg density):
ID : 0002 (save processed output of TestA01)

Setp 2 : Test B by role Scientist
do bla bla
ID : 0002 (save processed output of TestB)

Step 3 : Not sequential, not immediate, but can wait.

{Test C : C can be done for 100s of samples at a time
Wait Until 50 TestB accumulates OR 2 days whichever is earlier <- somehting should keep counting
pool 50 of TestB in one/single tube. <- perhaps a button
put it in a machine. process. and deconvolve the values for each sample 1…5o .. and then store the OrderProp3 for each material/order


{Part C: Create a document/report (automatic)
If all A/B/C are done for an order, create a document listing OrderId, OrderProp1, OrderProp2, OrderProp3.

{Part D: review done by QC person


{PartE : review success make it available / publish.