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Slow database responses on requests for /alfresco/service/api/solr/metadata

Question asked by amit.kapps on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by amit.kapps
We're experiencing some performance issues with Alfresco 4.0.e and a mysql 5.5 backend.
Through a performance monitor I can see a lot of requests (not sure what is triggering these) getting hung up on DB with a response time of nearly 100-200s. In the extreme case its 3000secs.
All these requests originate locally from the alfresco application (not share gui which we have on a separate server). The client ip shows
URL = /alfresco/service/api/solr/metadata
On drilling down further there seem to be 2 queries that take more than 100s each that look like follows-

                      as id,
                 as parentNodeId,
            parentNode.version          as parentNodeVersion,
            parentStore.protocol        as parentNodeProtocol,
            parentStore.identifier      as parentNodeIdentifier,
            parentNode.uuid             as parentNodeUuid,
                  as childNodeId,
            childNode.version           as childNodeVersion,
            childStore.protocol         as childNodeProtocol,
            childStore.identifier       as childNodeIdentifier,
            childNode.uuid              as childNodeUuid,
            assoc.type_qname_id         as type_qname_id,
            assoc.child_node_name_crc   as child_node_name_crc,
            assoc.child_node_name       as child_node_name,
            assoc.qname_ns_id           as qname_ns_id,
            assoc.qname_localname       as qname_localname,
            assoc.is_primary            as is_primary,
            assoc.assoc_index           as assoc_index
            alf_child_assoc assoc
            join alf_node parentNode on ( = assoc.parent_node_id)
            join alf_store parentStore on ( = parentNode.store_id)
            join alf_node childNode on ( = assoc.child_node_id)
            join alf_store childStore on ( = childNode.store_id)
   = ?

I ran an explain plan on this query with a parameter value that seemed to be causing the most havoc (~3000secs) here's what I saw-

select_type   table      type   possible_keys                  key      key_len           ref            rows   Extra
SIMPLE      parentNode   const   PRIMARY,store_id,fk_alf_node_store                   PRIMARY      8      const            1   
SIMPLE      parentStore   const   PRIMARY                     PRIMARY      8      const            1   
SIMPLE      childStore   index   PRIMARY                     protocol   454      NULL            6   Using index
SIMPLE      childNode   ref   PRIMARY,store_id,fk_alf_node_store                   store_id   8   162579   
SIMPLE      assoc      ref   parent_node_id,fk_alf_cass_pnode,fk_alf_cass_cnode      fk_alf_cass_cnode8    1   Using where

Note the rows = 162k.
For a couple of such queries, the parent node seemed to point to a folder that stores thousands of small sized quote documents.
Our application pushes documents and queries them by some metadata attributes like customer id. We use the apache chemistry cmis api for the interaction.

Here's an example of another mysql query plan which is a bit similar to the one above taking ~50-100 sec.

select_type   table           type   possible_keys                           key           key_len   ref                           rows   Extra
SIMPLE           parentNode   const   PRIMARY,store_id,fk_alf_node_store   PRIMARY           8   const                           1   
SIMPLE           parentStore   const   PRIMARY                                   PRIMARY     8   const                           1   
SIMPLE           assoc           ref   parent_node_id,fk_alf_cass_pnode,
                                       fk_alf_cass_cnode,idx_alf_cass_pri   parent_node_id   8   const                           167996   
SIMPLE           childNode   eq_ref   PRIMARY,store_id,fk_alf_node_store   PRIMARY           8   alfrescomgr.assoc.child_node_id   1   
SIMPLE           childStore   eq_ref   PRIMARY                                   PRIMARY           8   alfrescomgr.childNode.store_id   1   

1. What do you think is triggering the solr queries. Its trying to load information on all children nodes.
2. How can we optimize it if we can't control the solr piece.

Would really appreciate your help.