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Publicly Addressable Name

Question asked by freedom20 on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by freedom20

I just installed Alfresco (201510-EA) and after installing it works fine on the Linux server I installed on but I cannot hit it from any other machine on the network.   This is in the install document:

<blockquote>Use the URL on this machine to verify that Alfresco is running successfully. This is not an externally addressable URL, which means that it's not possible for users on other machines to access this URL. To make sure that other users can access the machine where Alfresco is installed, you need to define and create a publicly addressable name. </blockquote>

How do you define and created a publicly addressable name?   I am a seasoned MS IT guy but completely new to Alfresco and Linux/Tomcat/Postgresql.   I went down the road of a firewall being installed but I can ping back and forth by ip and name.  I'm eager to learn but I don't know if I'm banging my head against Alfresco, Tomcat, or just Linux in general.