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Why is the Activti Admin Workflow Console NOT appearing in Share 4.1.X?

Question asked by jamen on Oct 2, 2013

I'm currently working with 4.1.X Share that uses external SSO where requests for a given user USER are made using a proxy user PROXYUSER.  USER is an administrator and I can confirm we are seeing the admin console.  What is weird is that we cannot see the Activti "Admin Workflow Console".

We are doing some experimentation right now to get Alfresco Share to support Kerberos/SPNEGO (which is currently not a feature).  I'm suspecting that one of the end points that are needed is NOT authenticating successfully.

Does anyone know
<li>What controls the Workflow Consoles appearance in Share's Admin set of tools?</li>
<li>Where the activiti-admin-connector is actually defined (see snippet below)?  We see this is the share-config-custom.xml.sample that is documented, but we cannot find the connector to allow us to troubleshoot further</li>

            <name>Activiti Admin UI - user access</name>
            <description>Access to Activiti Admin UI, that requires user authentication</description>