Cleaning up weak content in the community

Discussion created by kgastaldo Employee on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by kgastaldo

Hey Community,


When we had the conversation about what to migrate to the new platform, we eventually settled on EVERYTHING. We didn't want to lose valuable posts from older versions. Which means that we have 30k+ questions on the site. 


But as I'm digging though the new space, I often run across posts from 2013 that don't have any replies. This is weak content - it's not helpful (and cluttering our search). I feel pretty safe in assuming that the answer is no longer needed (correct me if I'm wrong here) - or at least being waited on. So I'm going to start deleting the content. I'll do this on a post by post basis, as there are some posts out there without replies that are tips, info about new add ons, etc. 


But my plan is that if I come across a question from 2015 or earlier with no replies, I'm going to remove it. If this strikes you as wrong, please let me know. I don't think these questions are without merit - but they won't help anyone in a search and it seems unlikely that another member will answer, or the original poster is still waiting. 


Again, if this feels wrong or dismissive to you, I'm open to suggestions on other ways to handle weak content.