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create-content menu not obeying permission settings

Question asked by darkredd on Oct 3, 2016

Good day,


I am trying to hide the create folder button on the toolbar based on user's site role. I use the permission tag but does not have an effect though if I use it on the "create-text/create-xml" it work. I know the difference is that the content uses a "pagelink" type action as compared to new folder which uses the "javascript" action; could this be the reason? If so, how can I then extend the toolbar.js to evaluate a user role before displaying the menu items?


This is what I have attempted with no results:


         <content id="folder" label="create-content.folder" icon="folder" index="5" type="javascript">

            <param name="function">onNewFolder</param>


  <permission allow="true">SiteManager</permission>





Help much appreciated.