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How to best implement Metadata for Alfresco

Question asked by tyler.lovejoy on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by douglascrp

I am a developer who is trying to implement an alfresco community edition.  I am very new to alfresco, but am trying to figure out how to implement a complicated metadata structure for a document library.  I want to be able to assign values to documents which can then be used for the search.  I have taken a look at categories, tags and some other options, but none seem to me to be able to fit my need exactly. 


This is what I want

- want to easily assign values to documents (sometimes using rules if possible)

- I want these values to be pulled from lists, that admin users (non-technical but higher permissions) are able to edit and change

- these values are hierarchical

- I want to be able to filter the document library by these values (and if you filter by a top hierarchy, all inner valued files are shown)

- I want to be able to search the entire system for these values

- When I perform a search, I want faceted results for these fields

- there are 5-8 distinctly different fields that have this same type of information


Please let me know if you need anything explained or have any questions, any tips would be helpful