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where are stock natives webscript

Question asked by redraccoon on Oct 5, 2016
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here is my context

For a company I have to make a migration from Alfresco to Alfresco 5.1


In the my co-workers erased some native webscript about Datalist (lists.get.js, uniquelist... , parse-args.lib.js)


I would like to check if the native webscript of datalist in are the same in the 5.1


But I just can't find them ... I would like to understand "how to search"


When it's java class I can go throught the source and just search in my files, I don't understand why It would be different in this case


and by the way, when you have a file to look for, how do you do ? I personnaly have a folder in wich I stock all the sources, but maybe some of you use easier solutions ?




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