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Alfresco 5.1: Advanced search with custom type not working if type is applied using javaScript API.

Question asked by vurquia on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2018 by redflow

Hello All,

I am using alfresco 5.1.

I created a custom types that extends of cm:content like:



       <type name="hip:hipDocType">

            <title>My Document</title>








And create and advanced Search definition like:


<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="AdvancedSearch">



  <!-- Custom type -->

       <form labelId="MyDocument" descriptionId="My Document">hip:hipDocType</form>





When I change the type of documents using a javascript function "doc.Spezialice()" the document appear in a normal search, and in any query executed directly on alfresco but never appear in the advanced search


BUT when I  change some field manually I can get it.


In the past I solve this using only lucene indexation but now I thing that only can be used solr. Any help?