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How do you earn points in the community?

Question asked by kgastaldo Employee on Oct 6, 2016

The new platform allows us to set point values for certain actions in the community. We want to recognize and reward those of you who are creating helpful content and helping other members. We also want to incentivize everyone to participate and to keep the content updated and relevant. If you've got a question, don't be shy about asking - you'll earn points for your engagement! If you have time to do some clean up - add tags to posts, mark things as outdated, edit spacing errors from migration, etc., you'll earn points as well.


Below is a breakdown of the actions and their point value:


10 Points

Your answer was marked as correct


7 Points

Your content was marked as helpful


5 Points

Content you created was liked

Content you created was shared

Your content was marked as a decision

Mark a piece of content as outdated

Mark a persons answer as correct

Upload a profile image

Your content was marked as official

Content you created was bookmarked


3 Points

Follow a place

Create a piece of content

Mark a piece of content, comment, or reply as helpful

Vote on an idea or poll


2 Points

Mark a piece of content, comment or reply for action

Share a piece of content

Tag a piece of content

Give a user badge

Mark a piece of content as official

Update a piece

Bookmark a piece of content


1 Points

Comment or reply to a piece of content

Like a piece of content, a comment, or a reply

Content you created was commented on

Your content was marked for action


In addition to all these ongoing activities, we are going to start creating quests (Jive terminology) around certain actions you could take. Right now, we just have the on boarding one - an easy way to snag 100 points. When new quests are available, we'll post to let you know!