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Disable L2 cache

Question asked by jsb on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by jsb

We have migrated our Alfresco instance (3.4.11 Enterprise) into AWS. The EhCache automatic discovery is failing since AWS does not support multicast. To fix this I changed the ehcache-context.xml file to use manual discovery (default was automatic discovery). This works just as well as the automatic discovery except for when one of the Alfresco instances in the cluster goes down (server issue or tomcat restart). When this happens Share and Explorer for all the other servers in our cluster become unusable.


Is there a way to completely disable the L2 cache? Just pull the information from the database? We can test the performance hit in this situation if it is possible.

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Do you have any ideas about how to configure the EhCache to to use manual discovery and not degrade the Alfresco instance if another instance in the cluster is down?


And of course if you have any other helpful ideas please let me know.