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Use Atlassian Crowd with Alfresco to achieve SSO

Question asked by samuel.svensater on Oct 14, 2016
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I'm evaluating Jira Service Desk, Confluence and Alfresco Community Edition as a combined system.

To ease the login procedure we want to use SSO, and Atlassian Crowd seems to work just fine for Jira Service Desk and Confluence. To connect Alfresco I have the possibility to setup a 'Generic Application' in Atlassian Crowd.


I found Configuring Alfresco Share to use an external SSO | Alfresco Documentation, and followed the steps there,
when the how-to asks me to set the external.authentication.proxyHeader I added this to /tomcat/shared/classes/, and then restarted the Tomcat instance.


In Crowd I added ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS as a group to be able to authenticate with Alfresco. I have users added to this group.

Unfortunately, I'm not yet able to login to Alfresco with the users added in Crowd.


Any help and tips are very much appreciated!

Thank you!






* Alfresco Community Edition version 5.1

* Atlassian Crowd version 2.10.1


The systems are hosted on a local CentOS-machine.