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cmis-alfresco search providing incorrect results

Question asked by jas_bolton on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by afaust

When using a Node Browser cmis-alfresco search certain characters appear to be interpreted as wild cards:


As an example, a folder exists in Alfresco named ANameFollowedbyaChar“SecondName.Given “ is an illegal search (results in 09170367 line 1:42 no viable alternative at character '“'), this is replaced in the search with _x20ac_


SELECT cmis:path FROM cmis:folder WHERE IN_TREE('AFolder' ) AND CONTAINS('cmis:name:ANameFollowedbyaChar_x20ac_SecondName*')


the search locates the folder , but would also locate a folder with a similar name, e..g ANameFollowedbyaChar€SecondName.


The search appears to be using _x20ac_ as a wildcard. This behavior is consistent when search for several non standard chars.e.g when using values “ (_x20ac_) , €    (_x201c _) , -(_x002D_) in the search statement  , the folder ANameFollowedbyaChar“SecondName would be located.


Why is the search treating these values as a wildcards ?