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Custom document list page (browse) and document expire alert

Question asked by billydekid on Oct 20, 2016
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I'm new on Alfresco development. I just start and can create custom content model (aspects, properties) and create simple custom workflow (guide from Jeff Potts blog).

And now I want to steap ahead with new requirements on how to create custom document page (list of documents / browse) with specific header list taken from content model I just created previously (e.g. Effective From, Effective To, Specific Notes, Unit Responsible, etc.) as table header.

Secondly, from that document list I will create an alert/notification system before document expire. This alert will send an email to responsible unit/group.


With those above requirements where can I start to find the basic tutorial and documents should read. Or development will be used (webscript? smartfolder might be help? etc.)


Thank you in advance!