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Aikau AlfSearchResult bad behavior

Question asked by nilsonmorais on Oct 21, 2016
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I'm having some problem extending AlfSearchResult, when using the native widget it works well, but when I try extending it still shows the results, but only when I trigger the search event for the second time (Two clicks on search button for example), instead it shows Search Suggestions.


I did the same thing extending other widgets and only this one shows this behavior.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Original code:

  "name": "alfresco\/search\/AlfSearchResult",
  "config": {
  "enableContextMenu": false


Using custom widget:

  "name": "js\/AlfSearchResult",
  "config": {
  "enableContextMenu": false


Custom Widget (AlfSearchResult.js):

  function(declare, _WidgetBase, Core, AlfSearchResult, Row,SearchThumbnail, PropertyLink,
  Property, DateLink, XhrActions, lang, domClass, XhrContextActions, Selector, Size, MoreInfo, urlTypes,
  ) {

  return declare([AlfSearchResult], {
  postCreate: function custom_AlfSearchResult__postCreate() {