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Alfresco download UTF-8 using FTP

Question asked by framtk on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by mrks.js1


I have installed alfresco 5.1 with the installer on a windows machine running server 2012 r2.

I use FTP (filezilla) to upload and download folders that exceed the 2GB limit imposed on the zip compression but the transfer fails for files that contain UTF-8 characters.

The strange thing is that if i have a file or a single folder with non ascii characters (EG èàìßä) then i am able to upload and download it without problems but if the UTF-8 characters are in the name of a folder or file, let's say, 5-6 levels deep in the directory tree then the transfer will fail with a "path not valid" error.

I was wondering if this is an alfresco or an FTP error since, as i said, it works fine with single files or folders.


P.S. on the alfresco web interface i can see the non-ascii characters normally