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Importing a list of values to property in model/aspect from database

Question asked by tomekszy on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by openpj

I have a question, how it is possible to import a list of values to a property in aspect from a table in Oracle SQL Database? As you can see in attachment 1, I have filled list of values in property in aspect, just by copying it from my database manually. But, I want it to be automatic, and I wish Alfresco to read from my database and put data in that field by itself. How can I do that? And is it possible, that Alfresco will do that import for example every hour? If it is not possible to do that directly from database, is it possible to do that otherwise? From file for example? Maybe I need to write some application, that will took data from database, put it into XML file formatted as Alfresco model, and send it to Data Dictionary/Model directory? Or maybe there is some add-on to Alfresco, which will do that? Please show me the right direction to do that.