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Paginator in aikau widget

Question asked by tansadio on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by ddraper

Hi Dave Draper,

I'll come back at you. I used AlfFilteredList to contain my AlfListView and I define some widget like (TextBox, FilteringSelect, DateRange) in property widgetsForFilters (ALfFilteredList) and evrything work perfectly about filter but when i add widget Paginator after AlfFilteredList that's give some problem during the click on button forwad paginator the request reload my page twice.

First when my page load this code run:


    name: "alfresco/lists/AlfFilteredList",



      loadDataPublishTopic: "ALF_CRUD_GET_ALL",

      loadDataPublishPayload: {

     url: "ceri/supplierfolder",


      itemsProperty: "alldocument",




       name: "alfresco/lists/Paginator",

       config: {

          documentsPerPage: 5,

          pageSizes: [3, 5,10],




I do not understand why my page is twice reloaded. The red is call when i click on button forward paginator and answer realod page and call the blue request.



I need your help.



Thanks for advance