Alfresco Share Insights - Survey

Discussion created by john.knowles Employee on Nov 3, 2016

Hi everyone,


My name is John Knowles, for those that don’t know me (I am 1 year in my career at Alfresco) I am the product manager responsible for Alfresco Share. 


Alfresco Share is the “out of the box” user interface for the Alfresco One content management tool your users maybe using.  I am gathering data on the usage of Alfresco Share and would like your input; this quick survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.


If you have additional feedback you’d like to give us, we’re including a link to sign up for Alfresco User Research studies at the end of the survey.


Click this link to complete the survey: Alfresco Share Insights Survey.


We look forward to learning more about your content management needs. If you think someone else at your organization would be better suited to respond to this survey, please forward this survey link to them.


As a thank you for the two most complete/thoughtful responses, Alfresco will donate a goat, sheep, or pig on your (or your department’s) name (or another gift of your choice from the catalog equivalent to US$120) via Heifer international.  We’ll need your email address to confirm your donation.


Looking forward to reading your responses.