Have you tried the new v1 REST APIs yet ?

Discussion created by janv Employee on Nov 4, 2016
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You may have noticed that Gavin Cornwell has started a great blog post series on getting started with the new v1 REST APIs (ten parts so far). Ole Hejlskov has also recorded a short video to introduce the REST APIS. 


All the links are now available here Alfresco public REST APIs 


Have you had a chance to download the latest Alfresco Community ECM (Content Services) release and try them out ? The incremental new APIs introduce features for managing nodes, associations, people, sites, shared-links (etc) as well in-built queries and the new advanced search api. This is in addition to existing collaborative features, such as favourites, comments, ratings, tags & activities.


I've also been listing the milestone releases here: Alfresco REST API of the future ... is closer than you think (under the description - also includes link to YouTube audio).


We would really appreciate your early feedback and suggestions for valuable enhancements. Please comment here or against Gav's blog posts. If you see any issues then please feel free to raise a separate question or JIRA (if repeatable).


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