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indexing only certain folder

Question asked by fiore.pisano on Nov 6, 2016
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I use Alfresco 5.0.c with Solr4.


I introduced in Alfresco about 120.000 doc and the sizes on disc are:


1.       87GB di contentStore with about 288.000 files

2.       64GB di index   (for folder d:\alfresco\alf_data\solr4\index\workspace) with about 830 files

3.       15GB di content (for folder d:\alfresco\alf_data\solr4\content\_DEFAULT_) with about 175.000 files


sssMy questions are:


1)   1) Are the sizes normal (64GB of index for 87GB of content) ?

22  2) Is it possible indexing only certain folders? in other word: my contents are organized for year and i think to indexing only last years ( 2016,2015 ). How can do it ?

       very thanks in advance