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Problem accessing imported site from Mobile

Question asked by davidd2go on Nov 6, 2016
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I have an Alfresco 5.1.g environment running in which I imported several sites from a different installation using Will Abson's Python scripts.

This worked quite well but I encounter a problem accessing those sites from the iOS mobile app.

In the app the imported sites are visible, but when I try to access the content the app gives an error message: "Couldn't Access Document Library. Check that you have access rights to do this.".

Accessing the sites through Share is no problem.

The sites are public so that should also not be the problem. If I search for documents in the iOS app, the search results will contain documents from the imported sites and I have no problem accessing those documents from the search results.

Also when I make a new site within the environment (so not imported) the iOS app can access the new site Document Library in the usual way.

The Alfresco logs do not show any errors.


Anybody know what causes this problem and have a suggestion for a workaround?