VPS providers options for Alfresco install

Discussion created by douglascrp Moderator on Nov 6, 2016
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Good afternoon.


I'm doing a research on reliable and, if possible, cheap VPS providers I can use to install Alfresco.

Customers (usually small companies) want to have servers out of their infra, but they want not to pay much for the service, and for this reason, AWS EC2 is out.

My idea is to use cheap servers, with backups kept on Amazon S3, because I consider this a reliable service.

If the server dies for any reason, at least I can count on the backup to re-establish the service somewhere.


Currently I use VPSDime - Cheap VPS Hosting to host my demo and development servers, but I can not use their VPS for production servers because of the disk size limitations.

With VPSDime you have to upgrade the server instance in order to have more disk available.

VPSDime works really well for this purpose.


I got two possible options so far, that are Cloud Computing – DreamHost and VPS Cloud RAM: Cloud hosting with enhanced RAM - OVH

Both providers offer more freedom when it comes to performance and disks.


Please, let me know if you have experience with this kind of servers, and what you recommend or do not recommend, and the reasons.

I'll keep this thread updated with my new findings.


Thank you so much in advance.