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How to filter workflow task details in dashlet.?

Question asked by manav on Nov 8, 2016
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I have created a workflow with 4 user tasks and I workflow is running good and i have created 4 dashlets in alfresco.

I wanted to implement to show the details of each user task to separate dashlets means i have user tasks name as

      1.customer details

     2.document submit

      3. Submit details

     4. customer review.

I wanted to display all the user tasks when assigned to user in separate dashlets means one dashlet for the details of 1.customer details will display the task details of customer details.

one for 2.document submit to display the document submitted task details and so on for 3. Submit details and one for 4. customer review with display of task details as my-tasks dashlets.

So how can i do that please help me.