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Removing ACL from document and folder

Question asked by shivtechno on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by kaynezhang

Hi All,


I am trying to remove access control from document or from folder but action was not done by using remove acl method, kindly see the below source for more detail which i am using to remove acl from file or folder..

            Document doc = ((Document)session.GetObject("workspace://SpacesStore/" + ObjectId));

            List<String> permissions = new List<String>();


            string AssignEmpName = UserName;


            DotCMIS.Data.IAce aceIn = session.ObjectFactory.CreateAce(principal, permissions);

            List<IAce> aceListIn = new List<IAce>();



            doc.RemoveAcl(aceListIn, DotCMIS.Enums.AclPropagation.ObjectOnly);

            doc.ApplyAcl(aceListIn, null, DotCMIS.Enums.AclPropagation.ObjectOnly);