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Maven build in sdk 2.2 fails to run junit tests that access Solr

Question asked by marco.altieri on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by marco.altieri

I used the archetype for "all-in-one" and I modified the sample test case adding a simple lucene query as shown in the attached java file.

When I execute:

   mvn test

the test fails because it seems that Alfresco cannot access Solr (see attached maven.log file).


In this log, I also found a warning:


[INFO] --- alfresco-maven-plugin:2.2.0:refresh (refresh-webscripts-repo-and-share) @ marco-repo-amp ---

[WARNING] Connection failed to localhost:8080, null webapp refresh aborted


Is this the expected behaviour ? What can I do to run a test that accesses solr ?