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Auditing Permission Changes

Question asked by arjuncbe on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by arjuncbe


I'm trying to find out which user changes permissions on a node in Alfresco Community edition. Things I have tried so far


1. I can retrieve the alfresco-access logs via REST but I do not see any event rasied when permissions on a node changes.


2. cmischangelog produces a "Security" change event for the node but does not include the user who caused it. Tried fetching last modified property on the node but acl changes does not update the node. No effect on setting the variables below to false in either.

# The default to preserve all cm:auditable data on a node when the process is not directly driven by a user action
# Specific control of whether ACL changes on a node trigger the cm:auditable aspect

3. Trying to get alfresco-api for low level events by setting audit.alfresco-api.enabled=true in does not seem to work.  alfresco/service/api/audit/query/alfresco-api returns no entries and /alfresco/service/api/audit/control does not list alfresco-api


Is there any other way to know which user caused a permission change?  Any help with one/all of the above steps would be very useful.