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Drag and drop images in document library (Re-ordering)

Question asked by manjrak on Nov 14, 2016



How to drag and drop images or re-order image functionalities in document library.


i am rendering the document library using below code and i am able to view the images in document library.


function getDocumentLibraryList(siteId, containerId, rootNode) {
return {
              id: "DOCLIB_DOCUMENT_LIST",
               name: "alfresco/documentlibrary/AlfDocumentList",
             config: {
                    nodeRef: getNodeRef(),
                    showFolders: false,
                   view: viewRendererName,
                  widgets: [
                                 name: "alfresco/documentlibrary/views/AlfGalleryView",
                                    config: {

Now i want to implement re-ordering the images.
I dont want to upload, i just wanted to re-order and save the ordering and send the data to server.


is there any way i can implement, without writing a custom code for this?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.