Plans for the next Community Edition GA release

Discussion created by resplin on Nov 15, 2016
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I want to update everyone on our plans for the next release of Alfresco Community Edition.


Our goal has been to complete a release of Community Edition each month, but last month we didn't complete the development tasks in time for a release.


That work is now completed, and we are preparing 201611 EA for release this week. We are drafting the release notes here: Alfresco Community Edition 201611 EA Release Notes.

Tonight's nightly build will match the release artifacts. We would appreciate your testing of nightly builds in preparation of the release. Please report issues in the ALF project in Jira (


There are only a couple small features remaining in our development plan for the 5.2 series of releases, so our current goal for next month is to publish a Generally Available release of Alfresco Community Edition. We hope you give the 201611 release a try and let us know if you think it is reliable enough to be labeled GA.