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Extend existing content type / aspect with bootstrap approach?

Question asked by drewsmethew on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by afaust

Dear community,

I'm looking for a solution to accomplish the following:

An existing content type should be enhanced with a new property for an aspect and the new property should be visible in Share for all documents of the content type (even for the existing documents).



There is an Alfresco extension available that is shipped as a third-party AMP file. This AMP contains the affected content type that should be extended. We now create an add-on for this AMP file which should be available as another AMP file (assuming our new AMP has the dependency information in its*).

I want to know the necessary steps to add a new property to an existing aspect (of the original AMP) and make the new property visible in Alfresco Share even for existing documents. Is that possible at all? If not, another option on our side would be to extend the existing content type with a new mandatory aspect that contains our property.

Is there any advice for my issue? Or best-practice? Or tutorials? 


I appreciate any help!