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when OnContentRead behavior trigger

Question asked by kevinchen on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by kaynezhang

hi everyone:

      I want to implement Click through rate of a content ,   I use the sample "ContentHitsAspect"  

public class ContentHitsAspect implements ContentServicePolicies.OnContentReadPolicy,


but  when I visit  this address "http://localhost:8080/share/page/site/swsdp/inline-edit?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/286ec938-2402-48fd-8faa-2e90a1b"  ,   the OnContentRead behavior  triggered  


not this address "http://localhost:8080/share/page/site/swsdp/document-details?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/286ec938-2402-48fd-8faa-2e90a1b5100b"


in my mind  "inline-edit" should be the oncontentupdate  behavior  and the OnContentRead behavior should be the "document-details"


what behavior can trigger when i visit  document-details address,  anybody can help me about this  problem