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How to find all Node Ref's which are using custom aspect property with CMIS 1.1?

Question asked by chaituu on Nov 17, 2016

We have created custom property using custom content model.We need to fetch below information from the custom content model.we are using alfresco 4.2.2;

1)How can we find all Node Ref's which are having the cc:productstatus property using CMIS 1.1? and then how to delete that property for these nodeRef's using Java.

<namespaces>  <namespace uri="" prefix="cc"/>  </namespaces>   <aspects>  <aspect name="cc:product">  <title>Status</title>  <parent/>  <properties>  <property name="cc:productstatus">  <title>status</title>  <type>d:text</type>  </property>  </properties>  </aspect>  </aspects>