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How to override a class into a custom class when the pre-defined class is not getting imported?

Question asked by anky.p on Nov 18, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by anky.p

 Hi all,
 I had been working on auto-generation of invite mails with username and password on creation of new users.Had done with that task but yesterday we came to find out that functionality is already available for bulk upload of users(Upload User CSV). Now I am looking for the class where this functionality was already present and I guess its Not sure though. How to override this class on my local as I am not able to import it. Have copied the bean of this class keeping my custom class as the class.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>


<bean id=""
<property name="authenticationService" ref="AuthenticationService" />
<property name="authorityService" ref="AuthorityService" />
<property name="personService" ref="PersonService" />
<property name="tenantService" ref="tenantService" />
<property name="dictionaryService" ref="DictionaryService"/>
<property name="transactionHelper" ref="web.retryingTransactionHelper" />


 I need to check how this auto-generation of mails is happening in bulk upload.
Please let me know how to proceed further...