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Creating Aikau Site Pages for Share

Question asked by janaka1984 on Nov 21, 2016
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i have followed this url (Creating Aikau Site Pages for Share | Alfresco Developer Blog ) to create Aikau Site Pages for Share (advanced search).  In share-confg-custom.xml file , i used "hdp/ws/components/advanced-search#scope=all_sites&searchTerm="


finally i can see button on header.


Problem is when i click on button i can not set keyword from preference and load result.


if i use following topic with parameter, it is properly update URL with keyword and load same data twice.

 this.alfPublish("ALF_NAVIGATE_TO_PAGE", {
                     url: ioQuery.objectToQuery(currHash),
                     type: "HASH"
                 }, true);


how to avoid this issue?