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send notification from wf task by http request

Question asked by natgeek on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by natgeek

Hi guys) need your help with next.

I have custom workflow, which works fine - thanks a lot for everyone who discussed about wfs)

In that wf I have a  task - sending notification to user.

I would like to send this notification from this tsk not by email, but by http requests to another website.  

how it is possible?

I researched a lot about sending http requests and found that i have two options:

1) ajax request - but, if understood right - it is possible to send from html page, because of including alfresco. ajax.library and this option is not for my case

2) and remote root object from Surf.

I could  not use remote - it is undefined. I tried to make this Using remote endpoint in repository (not share) webscript  - add bean with remote to webscript-context.xml in the folder with my project, but had trouble with setting <map merge =true> - got error -  merge must be defined. I deleted attribute merge, alfresco started, but in share i had 500 code.  

what i do wrong?

Probably there is other way to send notification just like http requests. I am not strong in Java a would like use java script api for that.

Thank you for your replies.