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History nodes should be "Orphean" but are not

Question asked by fiston on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by kaynezhang

Hi all,


I have a problem with some nodes that should be "Orphean" but are not.


Using the Alfresco SDK, I was uploadling a document with ContentWriter:

         ContentWriter contentWriter = serviceRegistry.getContentService().getWriter(nodeRef,          ContentModel.PROP_CONTENT, true);



The properties is set to true so every time I was modifing the content of this node, a new version was created. After a while, my document was to version 1.21235.

This 21235 versions were taking too much space on disk, so I decided to remove that file from Share, then remove it from the trash. T
hinking that all history versions will became "orphean" and will be removed from the contentstore when the cleanup trigger will be called.

But after running the contentStoreCleanerTrigger, all of my history files are still present in contentstore.


There is no more document in archiveStore.
When I look into table alf_content_url I find all of my history files (using the "content_url") and they have no value at "orphan_time", so they are not considered as "Orphean" ?

Is there any reason why some nodes (like previous versions) does not become "Orphean" after been removed from trash ?
Is there something that I can do in order to restore a valid state ?