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How is possible to restrict create/update folders only to SiteManager

Question asked by barond on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2016 by kalpesh.c2

Hello Community, 


  I need to restrict/change permissions for folders to restrict create/update/delete actions only to Site Manager role. 


I have 2 options which probably can be used:


1. implement behavior on node which will check if user can create/update node of type folder

  I am not sure if its good idea to use behaviors for permission checks and restrictions?


2. somehow extend default permission.

I already check permissionDefinitions.xml, and i see one problem that low level permission are defined for create/update/delete... nodes or childrens so I am not able to restrict only for folder.
I don't see possibility to restrict permission on type.. 

Is possible somehow extend/implement new permissionInterceptor which will define and control low level permission which check ?


Question is about to find recommended approach by Alfresco ? 


Thanks for comments or another idea.