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Partner only place in Alfresco Community?

Question asked by jego on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by kgastaldo

I recently had the idea that you could create a place in your community which replaces the Alfresco partner portal. This place would be restricted to alfresco partners only and would contain all the stuff from the alfresco partner portal...



  1. This would enable you to inform your partners directly on your platform here and you could also enable more collaboration on partners content. As far as I know, you could completely replace the alfresco partner portal (Alfresco Partner Portal | Welcome ) with Jive content types, activity streams and some nice plage pages with tiles promoting certain content.
  2. It would bring more partners on your platform and they could contribute more in the community by helping alfresco users.


What do you think??